About us

Our Website is currently under reconstruction. Please be patient with us as we get it updated.

In the meantime you can reach us at learnmore@discerninganalytics.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Discerning Analytics is an independent data center market research and site selection firm. With more than 25 years of expertise in these areas, we can produce custom studies and training to help clients distill complex data center concepts into actionable business strategies.

Are you expanding or creating a data storage strategy?  Perhaps, you’ll be asking some of the following:  Where should we expand?  How?  When?  Do we buy or build?  Is co-location right for my business and if so where?  What sort of network, carrier, connectivity, equipment and redundancy should my data center hold?   We polish, promote and launch new data center sites, networks and equipment.  We’re grassroots and we know how to deliver--making sense of emerging markets and emerging technologies—putting it into perspective.  Our research is grassroots, well rounded and received.